Sewage Treatment Plant Installers

If you need to either install a new sewage treatment plant or replace an existing one, Peachy Services are here to help. Whether it is a domestic or commercial requirement of yours, we provide a complete sewage treatment plant installation process from design and consultation through to servicing and aftercare. We provide services across: 

Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and London

New and Replacement Sewage Treatment Plants

If you have a property that is not connected to the mains sewer system, a sewage treatment plant installation might be exactly what you need. Whether you need a new sewage plant as part of a new build or to replace an existing system, Peachy Services can help. 

From the initial design consultation through to the installation and ongoing maintenance, we can manage your sewage treatment plant from start to finish to give you total peace of mind.

We have an experienced team of sewage treatment plant installers eager to help improve your facility. We provide our services for new and existing properties, covering treatment plants of all sizes for both domestic and commercial properties. 

Choosing the right sewage treatment plant is vital to ensure

  • Value for money
  • Long-term performance
  • Environmental legislation compliance

5 important reasons to install a sewage treatment plant

Removing any unwanted wastewater from your premises is something every business owner or property resident should strongly consider because of the following elicited benefits: 

  • Environmentally-friendly: ensure no harmful contaminants are released into areas containing plants and wildlife. Our sewage treatment plant installers implement natural processes to filter the waste so clean effluent is released directly into a safe space. 
  • No public sewage cost: if your facility contributes to public sewers then you will have to endure regular costs as a consequence. Installing your own sewage plant will save you from this now unnecessary cost. 
  • Reuse of filtered sewage: you can choose whether to release the non-pollutant wastewater back into the environment or join the ever-growing tide of sewage treatment plant owners using the end result as a source of green energy to power other processes.  
  • Stress-free maintenance: we recommend regular servicing every 1-2 years and our team can take care of this for you. 
  • Minimal odour: Staff and customers or residents will be thankful for the difference in near odourless smell. 

Sewage Treatment Plant Repair and Servicing

If your existing sewage treatment plant is damaged or requires repair, we can carry out a survey and assesment to identify the issue. Where possible and practical, we will supply a quote for the repair and supply of all parts and labour to ensure your sewage treatment repair gets back up and running.

This maintenance can help to extend the life of older systems and save the cost of a replacement. Depending on your requirements, we offer both one-off servicing as well as more regular service agreements at competitive prices.


Manufacturers we Supply and Recommend

At Peachy Services we are not tied to one manufacturer. Choosing us as your designated sewage treatment plant installers means we are able to recommend a sewage option that is most suited to you and your property requirements and budget.

We are proud to work with a range of leading manufacturers to supply and install the best and latest waste manegement systems inspected and tested to BS EN 12566-3 standards which make them CE certified.

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Who needs a sewage treatment plant installed?

Sewage treatment plants are designed for households and businesses who are not connected to the mains sewage network. Instead, these properties will require a sewage treatment system to process their waste water in a safe and hygienic manner. 

There are many different types of sewage treatment plants, including:

Activated Sludge Plant

Rotating Disc System

Submerged Aerated filter

Suspended Media Filters

Sequencing Batch Reactor

Non-electric Filter

Trickling Filter

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