Tanker Services

Whether you need your septic tank, cesspit, sewage treatment plant, grease trap or oil interceptor emptied, Peachy Services Ltd are here to help. We offer professional emptying and cleaning services for a range of different systems to ensure they are running correctly and safely.

Our Tanker Services

Sewage Collections

We offer septic tank, cesspit and sewage treatment plant emptying, including the removal of effluent, wastewater and sludge, as well as washing down pump chambers.

Grease Traps

It is important to regularly empty and clean grease traps to prevent bad odours, a build-up of waste and blockages. All waste disposed of by Peachy Services is taken to a licensed site for disposal.

Oil Interceptors

Oil interceptors remove liquid oil from wastewater, used extensively within manufacturing and commercial applications. They need to be emptied and cleaned at necessary intervals to protect against environmental incidents.


Road gullies often catch debris like twigs, sticks and leaves, which can build up and prevent proper drainage. To minimise the risk of flooding, make us of our tanker services to ensure surface water can freely flow away from the road.

Need Some Help?

Please call Peachy Services Ltd on 01293 769865 for drainage services across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and London.